301 KAR 1:060. Sport and rough fish.


      RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.015


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 150.025(1) authorizes the department to promulgate administrative regulations to regulate the taking of wildlife, including fish. This administrative regulation designates fish that shall be considered sport fish.


      Section 1. The following fishes are designated sport fishes and may be taken only by angling:

      (a) Large mouth bass;

      (b) Rock fish (striped bass);

      (c) Small mouth Bass;

      (d) White Bass;

      (e) Kentucky Bass;

      (f) Yellow Bass;

      (g) Coosa Bass;

      (h) Musky;

      (i) Rock Bass;

      (j) Northern Pike;

      (k) White Crappie;

      (l) Black Crappie;

      (m) Chain Pickerel;

      (n) Trout;

      (o) Walleye;

      (p) Sauger;

      (q) Redear Sunfish; and

      (r) Hybrids of any of the above.


      Section 2. All species of fishes, except those listed in Section 1 of this administrative regulation, are hereby designated as rough fish and may be harvested by the methods prescribed by any section of KRS Chapter 150 or 301 KAR Chapter 1.


      Section 3. Sport fish, regardless of size or how obtained, shall not be used as bait, except, Redear Sunfish less than six (6) inches long may be used as bait. (KFWR-F-120; 1 Ky.R. 63; eff. 11-13-74; Am. 6 Ky.R. 186; eff. 11-7-79; 19 Ky.R. 453; eff. 9-23-92; 31 Ky.R. 819; 1072; eff. 1-4-2005.)