201 KAR 38:030. Equivalent course of study.


      RELATES TO: KRS 335.620

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 335.615, (6); 335.620(4)-(7)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 335.620(4) and (7) provides that the board shall establish a course of study equivalent to a master of divinity degree plus an additional minimum of one (1) year of academic training relative to pastoral counseling. This administrative regulation establishes the criteria for the equivalent course of study.


      Section 1. Clinical membership at the fellow level in the American Association for Pastoral Counselors shall indicate that the applicant has met both the educational and experiential requirements for certification as set forth in KRS 335.620(4) and (7).


      Section 2. To qualify as an equivalent course of study, the basic core areas of study shall include the completion of a minimum of fifty-eight (58) semester hours of work that meets the requirements of Section 3 of this administrative regulation. The course work may:

      (1) Include or extend beyond the one (1) professional degree in a theological or spiritual discipline or a mental health discipline; and

      (2) Include unlimited hours earned in:

      (a) An American Association of Pastoral Counselors approved Training Program in pastoral counseling with fifteen (15) contact hours equaling one (1) semester hour; or

      (b) Another educational institutional program which meets the requirements stipulated by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors’ Certification Committee, or the Institutional Accreditation Committee.


      Section 3. The hours shall be distributed as follows:

      (1) Religious foundations. This area shall include up to twenty-seven (27) semester hours, including the following areas:

      (a) Scripture;

      (b) Theology;

      (c) Religious history;

      (d) Theological and social ethics;

      (e) Spirituality; and

      (f) World religions.

      (2) Core clinical theory. This area shall include up to twenty-four (24) semester hours:

      (a) With at least three (3) semester hours in each of the following:

      1. Counseling and psychotherapy techniques;

      2. Group dynamics and techniques; and

      3. Marriage and family systems theories and techniques; and

      (b) Up to fifteen (15) semester hours taken from the following areas:

      1. Professional identity function and ethics;

      2. Theories of counseling and psychotherapy;

      3. Theories of human behavior, learning, personality development;

      4. Career development;

      5. Appraisal, evaluation, and diagnostic procedures to make a current diagnosis; and

      6. Abnormal behavior.

      (3) Pastoral counseling theory. This area shall include up to twelve (12) semester hours distributed among the following:

      (a) Basic pastoral care which shall include crisis intervention, grief counseling, and hospital ministry;

      (b) History of pastoral care and counseling;

      (c) Psychology of religion;

      (d) Faith development;

      (e) Pastoral theology;

      (f) Theology of psychotherapy;

      (g) Spiritual formation; and

      (h) Clinical pastoral education.

      (4) Specialized technical studies. This area shall include up to fifteen (15) semester hours including at least two (2), but not more than three (3), of the following areas:

      (a) Psychodynamic psychotherapies;

      (b) Marriage and family therapy;

      (c) Humanistic psychotherapy;

      (d) Jungian analytic psychotherapy;

      (e) Cognitive therapy;

      (f) Behavior therapy;

      (g) Brief therapy; or

      (h) Group therapy.

      (5) A practicum, internship, or residency may be included in addition to academic courses not to exceed more than ten (10) hours. (26 Ky.R. 284; Am. 588; eff. 9-15-99.)