201 KAR 33:010. Fees.


      RELATES TO: KRS 310.050(1)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 310.041(1), (5), (9), 310.050

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 310.041(1) and (9) require the Kentucky Board of Licensure and Certification for Dieticians and Nutritionists to promulgate administrative regulations for the licensure and certification of dietitians and nutritionists. KRS 310.041(5) and 310.050 require the board to establish appropriate licensure and certification fees by administrative regulation. The administrative regulation establishes fees for dietitian and nutritionist licensure.


      Section 1. Application Fee. (1) The application fee for licensure as a dietitian shall be fifty (50) dollars.

      (2) The application fee for certification as a nutritionist shall be fifty (50) dollars.

      (3) Application fees shall not be refundable.


      Section 2. Renewal Fees and Penalties. (1) The annual renewal fee for licensure or certification shall be fifty (50) dollars for each credential;

      (2) The late renewal fee for late renewal during the sixty (60) day grace period shall be twenty-five (25) dollars for each credential; and

      (3) The reinstatement fee for licensure or certification renewal after the end of the sixty (60) day grace period shall be fifty (50) dollars for each credential.

      (4) Renewal and reinstatement fees shall not be refundable.

      (5) In order to be considered for reinstatement, a retired licensee shall pay a reinstatement fee of fifty (50) dollars and all renewal fees from the date of election of that status.


      Section 3. Duplicate Registration Fees. The fee for a duplicate license or certificate shall be ten (10) dollars.


      Section 4. Inactive and Retired Status. (1) A licensee who holds an inactive license shall pay fifteen (15) dollars annually to establish or retain inactive status.

      (2) A licensee who retires a license shall not be required to pay an annual fee licensure. (22 Ky.R. 999; Am. 1304; eff. 1-8-1996; 36 Ky.R. 1307; 1906; eff. 3-5-2010.)