201 KAR 30:170. Evaluation of instructors.


      RELATES TO: KRS 324A.035(3)(d), (f)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 324A.020, 324A.035(3)(d), (f)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 324A.035(3)(d) and (f) require the board to establish requirements for education and continuing education of appraisers. This administrative regulation establishes the requirements for evaluation of instructors.


      Section 1. Evaluation Forms. (1) Each continuing education provider shall distribute a Continuing Education Instructor Evaluation Form to each student.

      (2) Within ten (10) days of the conclusion of each course, the education provider shall collect the Continuing Education Instructor Evaluation Form for each student enrolled in the course and shall submit the forms to the board at the Real Estate Appraisers Board’s office.

      (3) If an education provider fails to submit the forms to the students, the board may suspend the education provider’s approval.


      Section 2. Review of evaluation forms. (1) Continuing Education Evaluation Forms shall be reviewed by the board in the following manner:

      (a) The Real Estate Appraisers Board Education Director or the board designee shall review the course approval percentage rating, averaging all ratings, for each instructor;

      (b) An eighty-five (85) percent rating is required in the categories of "Instructor Knowledge" and "Instructor Presentation";

      (c) The comments section of the Continuing Education Evaluation Form shall be reviewed for other remarks concerning the instructor’s performance; and

      (d) If an instructor receives an average rating lower than eighty-five (85) percent in the categories of "Instructor Knowledge" and "Instructor Presentation" from two (2) courses taught within a twelve (12) month period, the board shall notify the instructor and the course provider of the deficiency.

      (2) In any class with ten (10) or fewer participants for which the instructor receives at least one (1) evaluation below eighty-five (85) percent, the board shall not consider the highest and lowest course approval percentage rating in order to ensure greater accuracy in the rating.

      (3) After a deficiency notice, the instructor may be monitored by a board representative to determine the instructor’s knowledge or the course’s content and ability as an instructor.

      (4) The board monitor shall submit a recommendation to the board as to whether the instructor should be allowed to continue to teach courses.

      (5) Based upon the recommendation of the monitor, the evaluation score and the comments from the third class, a recommendation shall be made to the board to:

      (a) Take no further action;

      (b) Suspend the approval of the instructor; or

      (c) Place the instructor on probation pending the evaluation and review of a future class.

      (6) In the event the board issues a probationary statement, the board shall outline the length and terms of the probationary period as well as the date of the class to be monitored.

      (7) At the conclusion of the probationary period, the Real Estate Appraisers Board Executive Director shall recommend to the board whether the instructor’s approval shall continue.

      (8) The Real Estate Appraisers Board shall consider the Executive director’s recommendations in determining whether the instructor’s approval shall continue or be removed.

      (9) The board shall notify the instructor and the school of its decision in writing.

      (10) If probation has ended satisfactorily, the instructor’s approval will be reinstated.

      (11) If the board determines that the instructor’s approval shall be suspended, the instructor shall not be allowed to teach any board-approved education courses unless approval is reinstated.

      (12) The annual recertification of instructors and continuing education courses shall include an in-depth review of the evaluations completed by the students and those of any monitor who may have been present for the class.


      Section 3. Reinstatement. (1) Any instructor who has been suspended from teaching continuing education courses may apply for reinstatement by submitting a request for approval to the board.

      (2) If the deficiency that resulted in the suspension was related to presentation, the instructor shall attend an instructor development workshop approved by the board.

      (3) If the deficiency that resulted in the suspension was related to the lack of knowledge of the subject matter, the instructor shall attend a prescribed number of credit hours in that subject approved by the board and successfully pass the examination for the course.

      (4) The request for reinstatement shall include:

      (a) Proof of attendance at any required courses; and

      (b) Written documentation outlining other steps taken to improve the instructor’s knowledge and skills.

      (5) After submission of the above documents and consideration by the board, the board shall approve or deny the instructor’s request for reinstatement in its discretion.


      Section 4. Incorporation by Reference. (1) "Instructor Evaluation Form", 2005, is incorporated by reference.

      (2) This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board, 135 W. Irvine Street, Suite 301, Richmond, Kentucky 40475, (859) 623-1658, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (31 Ky.R. 2059; Am. 32 Ky.R. 256; eff. 8-25-2005; TAm eff. 12-28-2009.)