201 KAR 27:007. Powers and duties delegated to an executive director, inspector, or employee of the authority.


      RELATES TO: KRS 229.161, 229.171, 229.190, 229.200, 229.991


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 229.171(1) gives the authority the sole direction, management, control and jurisdiction over all professional boxing, sparring, and wrestling shows to be held or conducted in the Commonwealth. KRS 229.180(1) authorizes the authority to promulgate administrative regulations necessary to implement KRS Chapter 229. In order to appropriately manage and control these activities, at the site of the show, it is necessary for the authority to delegate the powers granted pursuant to KRS Chapter 229 to the executive director, an inspector, or an employee of the authority. This administrative regulation provides for the delegation of these powers.


      Section 1. The executive director shall assign himself, an inspector, or an employee of the authority to monitor each boxing, elimination event, mixed martial arts, and kick boxing show taking place within the Commonwealth. He may assign himself, an inspector, or an employee of the authority to monitor wrestling shows on a periodic basis.


      Section 2. The person assigned by the executive director to monitor the show shall exercise immediate and full supervision, control, and administrative regulation of the show on behalf of the authority and shall be responsible directly to the authority. The powers of the person assigned to monitor the show shall include authority:

      (1) Over each contestant and show, licensed or unlicensed, on the premises before, during, and after a show as to all matters relating to the show;

      (2) To determine any question, dispute, protest, complaint. or objection concerning the show and to enforce the provisions of KRS Chapter 229 and 201 KAR Chapter 27;

      (3) To suspend the license of a contestant or other licensee, or eject or exclude from the premises or any part thereof, licensed or unlicensed persons upon reasonable belief that the contestant or person is intoxicated or under the influence of a legal or illegal drug that might create a hazard to others or hamper the contestant's or person's ability to participate in the show, or that a violation of KRS Chapter 229 or the administrative regulations promulgated in 201 KAR Chapter 27 has occurred;

      (4) To interpret and enforce KRS Chapter 229 and the administrative regulations promulgated in 201 KAR Chapter 27, and determine all questions relating to the show under the jurisdiction of the authority;

      (5) To issue decisions or rulings on issues or questions relating to the show subject to the powers granted to the authority, including the power to issue a violation or stop an entire show, or any part of a show;

      (6) To request and receive assistance from the executive director, an inspector, an employee of the authority, an official, a licensee, or any local or state law enforcement personnel in the investigation of possible statutory or regulatory infractions; and

      (7) To conduct hearings on all questions, disputes, protests, complaints, or objections arising from the show.


      Section 3. Any decision made pursuant to this administrative regulation may be appealed to the full authority in the manner prescribed in KRS 229.220. (20 Ky.R. 1429; eff. 1-10-94; 32 Ky.R. 1748; 2248; eff. 7-7-2006.)