201 KAR 25:031. Continuing education.


      RELATES TO: KRS 218A.205, 311.450(2)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 218A.205(3)(h), 311.410(4), 311.450(2)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 311.450(2) requires the board to promulgate an administrative regulation to establish continuing education requirements for a podiatrist. KRS 218A.205(3)(h) requires the board to mandate continuing education related to the use of the Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER). This administrative regulation establishes those continuing education requirements.


      Section 1. (1) Each podiatrist licensed by the board shall annually complete twenty (20) hours of continuing education relating to the practice of podiatry.

      (2) The twenty (20) hours shall include:

      (a) At least fifteen (15) Category A continuing education hours; and

      (b) Not more than five (5) Category B continuing education hours.

      (3) A continuing education hour shall equal fifty (50) clock minutes of participating in continuing education instruction or presentation that meets the requirements of this administrative regulation for continuing education courses.(4)(a) Beginning on July 1, 2012, and annually thereafter, each podiatrist licensed by the board shall complete at least one and one-half (1.5) hours of continuing education related to the use of the Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER), pain management, or addiction disorders.

      (b) This requirement shall be included in the twenty (20) hours of continuing education required by this administrative regulation.


      Section 2. Categories of Continuing Education Hours. (1) A Category A continuing education hour shall specifically relate to podiatric medicine, surgery, or science and shall:

      (a) Be earned by attendance at:

      1. A professional seminar, including the Kentucky Podiatric Medical Association’s annual conference;

      2. An accredited school of podiatry continuing education program; or

      3. Another program approved by the board under Section 6 of this administrative regulation; and

      (b) Be approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association/Council on Podiatric Medical Education (APMA/CPME), except if the course provider or the licensee that intends to take a course has requested and received board approval of the course under Section 6 of this administrative regulation prior to the course's presentation.

      (2) A Category B continuing education hour may relate to non-podiatric medical issues or general practice issues and may be earned by attendance at or participation in:

      (a) Home study courses;

      (b) Hospital, clinic, or in-house staff lectures; or

      (c) Local or regional medical society or medical association meetings.


      Section 3. (1) A licensee shall keep a valid record of each continuing education program completed. The record shall:

      (a) Include a receipt or certification received for the program;

      (b) Be kept for three (3) years;

      (c) Be presented upon request by the board for audit. If selected by the board for audit, the licensee shall submit the requested proof of continuing education to the board within fifteen (15) days of the request; and

      (d) For Category A programs, include proof of APMA/CPME certification or a written letter of approval from the board.

      (2) The period during which continuing education courses shall be completed shall be from July 1 of each year until June 30 of the following year.


      Section 4. (1) On application, the board shall consider granting a waiver of the continuing education requirements or an extension of time within which to fulfill the requirements in the following cases:

      (a) Medical disability of the licensee;

      (b) Illness of the licensee or an immediate family member; or

      (c) Death or serious injury of an immediate family member.

      (2) A written request for waiver or extension of time involving medical disability or illness shall be:

      (a) Submitted by the person holding the license; and

      (b) Accompanied by a document verifying the illness or disability signed by the:

      1. Licensee’s personal physician; or

      2. Immediate family member's personal physician.

      (3) A waiver of or extension of time within which to fulfill the minimum continuing education requirements shall not exceed one (1) year.

      (4) If the medical disability or illness upon which a waiver or extension has been granted continues beyond the period of the waiver or extension, the licensee shall reapply for the waiver or extension.


      Section 5. Inactive Status. (1) A licensee may apply for inactive status by submitting a written letter to the board.

      (2) A licensee granted inactive status shall be relieved of the obligation to meet the requirements for continuing education established in this administrative regulation.

      (3) A person on inactive status may use the term "podiatrist" but the licensee shall not engage in the practice of podiatry. Any person who practices podiatry while on inactive status shall be deemed to be practicing podiatry without a license in violation of KRS 311.400.

      (4) A licensee seeking relicensure from inactive to active status shall fulfill the requirements established in this subsection.

      (a) If the licensee has been inactive for no more than five (5) consecutive years, the licensee shall:

      1. Provide written notice to the board requesting reactivation to active status by filing a Kentucky Board of Podiatry License Renewal Application, as incorporated by reference in 201 KAR 25:021, and requesting in writing that the license be made active;

      2. Have completed twenty (20) hours of Category A continuing education requirements within a period of six (6) months preceding the request for active status; and

      3. Pay:

      a. The renewal fee of $175 established in 201 KAR 25:021, Section 1; and

      b. A reactivation fee of $200.

      (b) If a licensee has been in inactive status for more than five (5) consecutive years, the licensee shall:

      1. File a completed Application for Podiatry License in accordance with 201 KAR 25:011 and pay the required fee;

      2. Be approved by the board to take the examination; and

      3. Successfully complete a satisfactory examination before the board as provided by 201 KAR 25:012.


      Section 6. Board Approval of Continuing Education. (1) A course provider or a licensee shall submit a written request to the board for approval of a continuing education course.

      (2) A written request for board approval shall contain:

      (a) A brief summary of the continuing education;

      (b) The educational objectives of the continuing education;

      (c) The date, time, and place of the provision of the continuing education;

      (d) The name and credentials of the individual providing the continuing education; and

      (e) The name of the organization providing the continuing education, if applicable.

      (3) In determining whether to approve continuing education, the board shall consider whether the continuing education:

      (a) Is designed to provide current developments, skills, procedures, or treatments related to the practice of podiatry;

      (b) Is developed and provided by an individual with knowledge and experience in the subject area; and

      (c) Contributes directly to the professional competence of a licensee. (7 Ky.R. 790; eff. 5-6-81; Am. 9 Ky.R. 13; eff. 8-11-82; 10 Ky.R. 780; eff. 1-4-84; 20 Ky.R. 389; eff. 10-13-93; 25 Ky.R. 1947; 2838; eff. 6-16-99; 26 Ky.R. 1696; 1945; eff. 5-10-2000; 28 Ky.R. 1453; 1798; eff. 2-7-2002; 32 Ky.R. 2072; 33 Ky.R. 80; eff. 7-24-06; 39 Ky.R. 546; eff. 2-1-2013; 42 Ky.R. 1292; 1715; eff. 12-16-2015.)