201 KAR 21:090. Coursework for two (2) year prechiropractic education.


      RELATES TO: KRS 312.019, 312.085

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 312.019(9)(h), 312.085(2)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 312.019 and KRS 312.085 provide that the board may establish by administrative regulation a two (2) year prechiropractic course of instruction to be completed prior to entry into chiropractic college. This administrative regulation establishes that course of instruction.


      Section 1. Prechiropractic Education. An applicant for licensure shall have satisfactorily completed, prior to attending chiropractic college and as a part of his required minimal sixty (60) semester credit hours of prechiropractic education, the following course of instruction:

      (1) English or communicative skills, six (6) semester hours of any college level courses in the English department or Speech, Literature and Mass Communications;

      (2) Psychology, three (3) semester hours;

      (3) Social sciences and humanities, three (3) semester hours;

      (4) Biological science with related laboratories, six (6) semester hours;

      (5) Chemistry, twelve (12) semester hours, which shall include the following:

      (a) At least three (3) semester hours of General/Inorganic Chemistry;

      (b) At least six (6) semester hours of Organic Chemistry and/or Biochemistry; and

      (c) At least six (6) semester hours of the required twelve (12) semester hours of Chemistry must include pertinent related laboratories; and

      (6) Physics and related studies, six (6) semester hours, which must include the following:

      (a) At least three (3) semester hours of Physics with related laboratory; and

      (b) At least three (3) semester hours of additional Physics, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Statistics, or Exercise Physiology (no laboratory required). (16 Ky.R. 97; Am. 347; eff. 9-2-1989; 35 Ky.R. 2796; 36 Ky.R. 568; eff. 9-16-2009.)