201 KAR 21:085. Preceptorship Program.


      RELATES TO: KRS 312.019(9)(h), 312.085(2)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 312.019(9), 312.085(2)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 312.019(9)(h) and 312.085(2) authorize the board to establish a preceptorship program through which students at accredited colleges and universities may work at the direction and under the supervision of a licensed doctor of chiropractic prior to graduation. This administrative regulation establishes the preceptorship program.


      Section 1. Requirements of Preceptor. A preceptor shall:

      (1) Be approved by the Kentucky State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for participation;

      (2) Have a current Kentucky license that is active and in good standing;

      (3) Have been in practice for five (5) years or more in Kentucky;

      (4) Provide evidence of malpractice insurance;

      (5) Be of good moral character, proof of which shall be evidenced by three (3) letters of reference from persons outside the licensee’s family;

      (6) Not practice while impaired by alcohol or narcotics;

      (7) Have not been found in violation of a requirement of 201 KAR Chapter 21, other than for a minor advertising violation, for the preceding two (2) years and have no present investigations (including during a term as preceptor) for possible violations; and

      (8) Comply and be qualified as applicable. The board shall encourage development of extension faculty designation for all preceptors approved by the colleges or university.


      Section 2. Preceptor Relationship with College or University and Intern. (1) The preceptor shall make a joint application to the board and the college or university.

      (2) The preceptor shall arrange or confer with the college or university representative prior to the beginning date of each session to plan the program duration, organization, and substance.

      (3) Upon assignment, the preceptor shall maintain complete records and reports of each student's performance and provide an evaluation to the college or university on forms provided by the college or university.

      (a) Any incident reports related to the operation of the practicum education experience shall be maintained by the preceptor and shall be the sole property of the preceptor.

      (b) Upon receipt of written consent by the college or university, board, or student, the preceptor shall provide a copy of the report.

      (4)(a) The preceptor may request the college or university to withdraw any student whose performance is unsatisfactory or whose health status prevents the student's successful completion of the practicum education assignment.

      (b) A statement, in writing, of the reason for that action shall be provided by the preceptor to the college, university, or student upon request.

      (5) The preceptor shall not be liable for the payment of any wage, salary, or compensation of any kind for services properly required of and performed by an intern.

      (6) The preceptor shall provide the college or university with a written code of ethics that applies to the preceptor’s office.

      (7)(a) The preceptor shall ensure that interns are allowed to perform only those duties that are lawful and ethical in the practice of chiropractic.

      (b) An intern shall not make a final diagnosis or perform an adjustment.

      (8)(a) The preceptor shall assume the risk of any accident or injury to any intern while on preceptor's premises, which shall include working areas.

      (b) The preceptor shall maintain premises liability insurance.


      Section 3. Requirements of Intern. (1) The intern shall submit a fee of $200 to the board for each semester he or she is participating in the preceptorship program.

      (2) The intern shall remain in good standing academically and demonstrate an acceptable level of performance, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in the college or university outpatient clinic.

      (3) The intern shall complete, sign, and submit all application materials to the college or university clinic director for verification and approval.

      (4) The intern shall serve in the preceptorship program for a term established by the college or university for the purpose of augmenting his competence in all areas of chiropractic practice.

      (5) The intern shall provide both the college or university and the preceptor with a current telephone number and address.

      (6) The intern shall be responsible for following all reasonable and lawful policies and procedures of the preceptor's office.

      (7) The intern shall be responsible for providing and wearing professional attire.

      (8) The intern shall be responsible for his own transportation and living arrangements.

      (9) The intern shall report to the preceptor on time.

      (10) The intern shall not submit for publication any material relating to his preceptorship without prior written approval of the preceptor and the college or university.

      (11) The intern shall ensure that biweekly reports shall be submitted by the preceptor to the college or university on his or her activities and progress.

      (12) At the completion of the preceptorship, the intern shall present to the college or university clinic director a paper describing his or her experiences and summarizing the acquisition of knowledge during the preceptorship.

      (13) The intern shall provide evidence of professional liability insurance from the college or university.

      (14) The intern shall respond to any inquiry by the board within twenty (20) days. (16 Ky.R. 96; Am. 346; eff. 9-2-1989; 32 Ky.R. 1743; 33 Ky.R. 1073; eff. 10-18-2006; 40 Ky.R. 1419; 2124; eff. 3-20-2014.)