201 KAR 20:380. Standards for refresher course approval.


      RELATES TO: KRS 314.041, 314.051


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: It is necessary for the board to develop standards for approval of refresher courses for nurses.


      Section 1. Definition. (1) "Approved refresher course" means an organized learning experience, designed, planned, and evaluated to meet behavioral objectives designed to: update knowledge of current nursing theory and clinical practice. By design, a refresher course consists of didactic and clinical learning experiences which address current professional entry level competencies by licensure category.

      (2) "Approved" means board recognized.

      (3) "Successful completion" means the participant has satisfactorily met the behavioral objective requirements of the refresher course.


      Section 2. Refresher Course Approval Application. An approved refresher course shall comply with the board's administrative standards as stated herein. Using forms supplied by the board, the applicant for approval of a refresher course shall submit evidence of:

      (1) Nurse administrator of refresher course. A nurse, holding a current, active license, with experience in adult and nursing education shall be administratively responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the refresher course. The nurse administrator shall hold a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing.

      (2) Instructor qualifications. The instructor shall have academic preparation equal to, or greater than, that of the target audience and shall have documented expertise in the subject matter, and experience in presenting content to adult learners and facilitating adult learning.

      (3) Course syllabus. The course syllabus shall include:

      (a) Course requirements and prerequisites including identification of target audience and fees.

      (b) Course objectives. The course objectives shall provide statements of observable behaviors, which when taken as a whole, present a clear description of the competencies to be achieved by the learner.

      (c) Unit objectives. The unit objectives shall be stated in operational/behavioral terms. Each objective shall have corresponding content identified.

      (d) Content. The content shall be described in outline format with corresponding time frames indicated for each content area. The content shall be related to, and consistent with, the objective.

      (e) Time frame. The time frame for each topical area shall be identified with the division of time between didactic and clinical learning indicated. The time allotted shall be consistent with objectives and appropriate for the content being presented.

      (f) Teaching methods. The activities of both teacher and learner shall be specified in relation to content outline. These activities shall be congruent with stated objectives and content, and reflect application of adult learning principles.

      (g) Evaluation. There are clearly defined methods for evaluating the learner's achievement of each educational objective.

      (h) Instructional/reference materials. All required instructional materials and reference shall be identified.

      (4) Completion requirements. Requirements for successful completion of the refresher course shall be clearly specified and a statement of policy regarding candidates who fail to successfully complete the refresher course shall be included.

      (5) Course presentation dates. The initial schedule of course presentation dates shall be indicated, and provision shall be made for notifying the board at least two (2) months prior to scheduling on an ongoing basis.

      (6) Contact hour credit for continuing education. Any portion of a refresher course conducted by a board approved provider of continuing education, which the provider identifies as being continuing education, shall be approved for contact hour credit which may be applied to licensure requirements.

      (7) Clinical practice. The instructor-student ratio for clinical experience shall not exceed 1-12.

      (8) Approval period. Board approval for a refresher course shall be granted for a two (2) year period.


      Section 3. Continued Board Approval of a Refresher Course. (1) Applications for continued approval of a refresher course shall be submitted at least two (2) months prior to the end of the current biennial approval period.

      (2) A revised course syllabus which reflects an annual updating of course content shall be submitted with the application for continued approval of a refresher course.

      (3) Continued approval shall be based on the past approval period performance and compliance with board standards.

      (4) Refresher course approval awarded by another organization may be recognized by the board as equivalent or comparable, provided the organization's standards and criteria for refresher course approval have been reviewed and accepted by the board.


      Section 4. The board may deny, revoke, suspend, or probate the approval status of any refresher course for cause.


      Section 5. Appeal. If a refresher course administrator is dissatisfied with a board decision concerning approval and wishes a review of the decision, the following procedure shall be followed:

      (1) A written request for the review must be filed with the board within thirty (30) days after the date of notification of the board action which the refresher course administrator contests.

      (2) The board, or its designee, shall conduct a review in which the refresher course administrator may appear in person and with counsel if counsel has been retained, to present reasons why the board's decision should be set aside or modified. (14 Ky.R. 667; eff. 11-6-87.)