201 KAR 19:330. Certification renewal.


      RELATES TO: KRS 323.400, 323.406, 323.416

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 323.210(2), 323.406(3)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 323.406(3) authorizes the board to promulgate administrative regulations to establish a renewal process for certifications that have expired. KRS 323.416 requires the board to establish forms upon which applicants for renewal may demonstrate completion of the renewal requirements. This administrative regulation establishes the process for renewing a certification.


      Section 1. Certification Renewal. (1)(a) A certificate holder shall renew a certificate before October 1 of each calendar year.

      (b) A certificate issued between April 1 and September 30 shall not require renewal until October 1 of the following year.

      (2) A certificate holder seeking renewal shall submit:

      (a) A completed Certification Renewal Application Form, incorporated in 201 KAR 19:340, Section 7(1); and

      (b) The appropriate renewal fee established in 201 KAR 19.335.

      (3)(a) During a period of active military duty, a certified interior designer in military service may, upon written application to the board, be excused from paying the renewal fee until his or her active military service is terminated.

      (b) The board shall issue a renewal certificate upon:

      1. Notification of the applicant's return from active duty; and

      2. Payment of the renewal fee for the then-current renewal cycle.

      (4) The board shall revoke the certificate of a holder who has:

      (a) Failed to pay the renewal fee on or before the 30th of November of the renewal period; and

      (b) Not requested that his or her certification be placed on inactive status.

      (5) A certified interior designer whose certificate has been revoked for failure to pay the renewal fee shall:

      (a) Submit a completed application for reinstatement of certification;

      (b) Pay the fees for all outstanding renewal periods occurring since the certificate was revoked, including the renewal period for which the certificate was revoked;

      (c) Pay the reinstatement fees prescribed by 201 KAR 19:335, Section 1(6);

      (d) Make a written statement of the reason he or she did not:

      1. Place his or her certificate on inactive status; or

      2. Pay the renewal fee within the time prescribed;

      (e) Include a signed affidavit that the certificate holder has not been in violation of the requirements of KRS 323.400 through 323.416 or 201 KAR Chapter 19; and

      (f) File an Interior Design Continuing Education Annual Report Form, incorporated in 201 KAR 19:340.


      Section 2. Inactive Status. (1) The board shall grant inactive status to a certificate holder who:

      (a) Requests inactive status; and'

      (b) Pays the fee required by 201 KAR 19:335, Section 1(7).

      (2) While on inactive status, the certificate holder shall not use the title "Certified Interior Designer".

      (3) A certificate holder on inactive status who seeks to become reactivated shall complete at least twelve (12) hours of continuing education, in compliance with 201 KAR 19:340. for each year the certificate has been inactive.

      (4) A certificate holder who has been on inactive status for more than seven (7) consecutive years, and who seeks reactivation, shall pass the NCIDQ examination. (29 Ky.R. 2393; Am. 2659; eff. 5-15-03.)