201 KAR 12:250. School equipment for esthetics course.


      RELATES TO: KRS 317B.025(6)


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION AND CONFORMITY: KRS 317B.020(3) requires the board to promulgate administrative regulations establishing standards for the operation of the schools and salons; establish the quality of equipment, supplies, materials, records, and furnishings required in esthetic salons or classrooms; and set the requirements for cosmetology schools offering esthetics courses for the proper education and training of students. This administrative regulation establishes those standards and requirements.


      Section 1. A school of cosmetology shall be approved to offer an esthetics course if it provides and maintains the following minimum equipment and supplies:

      (1) A private changing area;

      (2) A minimum of one (1) fully-equipped machine in the esthetics area;

      (3) A chair or stool in the clinic area for every student enrolled;

      (4) A minimum of one (1) facial bed or facial chair;

      (5) A minimum of one (1) table or utility cart;

      (6) One (1) sink in the clinic area with hot and cold running water;

      (7) One (1) steamer for hot towels;

      (8) One (1) autoclave for sterilizing implements;

      (9) A closed cabinet for clean towels and linens;

      (10) A closed container for used towels and linens;

      (11) One (1) covered waste container; and

      (12) Supplies including the following:

      (a) Seventy (70) percent alcohol at every station;

      (b) One (1) makeup station;

      (c) Makeup for basic and camouflage application;

      (d) Emollients;

      (e) Moisturizers;

      (f) Powders;

      (g) Concealers;

      (h) Blushes;

      (i) Eye shadows;

      (j) Pencils;

      (k) Mascaras;

      (l) Lipsticks;

      (m) Brushes;

      (n) Disposable applicators;

      (o) Small scissors;

      (p) Tweezers;

      (q) Cotton swabs;

      (r) Tissues;

      (s) Eye lashes and adhesive;

      (t) Pencil sharpeners;

      (u) Makeup palette;

      (v) Stainless steel bowls;

      (w) Tongs;

      (x) Makeup remover;

      (y) Cleanser;

      (z) Mirrors;

      (aa) Hand disinfectant;

      (bb) Hospital grade disinfectant;

      (cc) Antiseptics;

      (dd) Sharps containers;

      (ee) Gloves;

      (ff) Dry sanitizer; and

      (gg) Comedone extractors.


      Section 2. A cosmetology school approved for an esthetics course shall have a room to be used for demonstration and study. The room shall include the necessary charts, visual aids, blackboard, and other equipment to carry out the curriculum.


      Section 3. A cosmetology school approved to offer an esthetic course shall maintain a ratio of one (1) esthetic instructor or cosmetology/esthetic instructor for every twenty (20) students enrolled in an esthetics course, and this ratio shall be maintained at all times. (30 Ky.R. 2414; Am. 31 Ky.R. 29; eff. 8-6-2004.)