201 KAR 12:230. Code of ethics.


      RELATES TO: KRS 317B.020(3)(k)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 317B.020(3)(k)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION AND CONFORMITY: KRS 317B.020(3)(k) requires the board to establish a code of ethics for persons licensed by the board. This administrative regulation establishes the required code of ethics.


      Section 1. A licensee shall:

      (1) Provide competent professional services to the consumer;

      (2) Wear a lab coat or smock with an insignia or badge indicating the licensee's name and the designation as a licensed esthetician;

      (3) Provide a clear explanation of the services offered and the cost of those services;

      (4) Follow appropriate disinfection and sanitation requirements as established in KRS Chapter 317B and the administrative regulations promulgated thereunder;

      (5) Follow proper health profile procedures before application of the product;

      (6) Perform a thorough skin evaluation and consultation for each client to determine if the procedure or product is appropriate before application;

      (7) Discuss and outline realistic expectations with the client after the evaluation; and

      (8) Treat all clients with courtesy and respect. (30 Ky.R. 1143; Am. 1925; eff. 2-16-2004.)