106 KAR 5:010. Application and renewal requirements for response team membership.


      RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 13B, 17.167, 36.260(2), (3)


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION AND CONFORMITY: KRS 36.260(8) requires the board to promulgate administrative regulations as necessary to execute the duties of the Board. KRS 36.260(3) requires the board to maintain a team of volunteer members to provide crisis response services statewide. This administration regulation establishes requirements for membership in a crisis response team.


      Section 1. Crisis Response Team Membership Committee. (1) The Executive Director shall:

      (a) Establish a standing crisis response team membership committee made up of at least four (4) members, appointed from among members of the board and the crisis response team; and

      (b) Appoint each committee member to a four (4) year term.

      (2) The committee shall Assist the executive director regarding team membership in the following ways:

      (a) Act as a reviewing body for a team application referred by the executive director;

      (b) Review each team application referred to it and make a recommendation to the board regarding membership within forty-five (45) working days after receipt of the required documentation;

      (c) In accordance with 105 KAR 5:030, review a disciplinary matter involving a current team member and recommend a resolution to the board;

      (d) Report statewide membership data to the board;

      (e) Notify the applicant, in writing:

      1. That the applicant shall not be discriminated against or the application refused because of the applicant's race, color, religion, nation origin, sex, age forty (40) or over, or because the applicant is a qualified individual with a disability; and

      2. Whether the application was approved or rejected.

      a. If rejected, the application is subject to reconsideration on the applicant's request.

      b. If approved the applicant shall, within thirty (30) working days, submit to the board:

      (i) A personal digital photo to be used for printing a team membership photo-identification badge; and

      (ii) A completed "KCCRT Team Membership Agreement" form, incorporated by reference;

      (f) Reconsider each rejected application for which an applicant has requested reconsideration, and the reasons given for reconsideration; and

      (g) Notify the applicant of the result of reconsideration, and, if rejected, the applicant's right to a formal appeal pursuant to KRS Chapter 13B.


      Section 2. Crisis Response Team Membership. (1) The following persons are eligible for crisis response team membership if they meet the requirements of subsection (2) of this section:

      (a) Qualified health professionals;

      (b) Ordained, licensed, or certified chaplains or ministers who:

      1. Minister to a group in the Commonwealth

      2. Serve as persons in good standing with a religious body; and

      3. Provide proof of completion of at least twelve (12) hours of course work in pastoral or crisis counseling;

      (c) Peer Professionals;

      (d) Disaster outreach personnel;

      (e) Administrative and other support personnel necessary to provide disaster and crisis response services; and

      (f) Persons qualified in another relevant professional field, as determined by the executive director and membership committee.

      (2) To be eligible for membership on the crisis response team an applicant shall meet the following requirements:

      (a) At least five (5) years of experience in his or her field. The following may substitute for two (2) of the required five (5) years:

      1. Two (2) years of training; or

      2. Experience of any duration that is, as determined by the executive director and membership committee, highly exceptional and relevant to crisis response; and

      (b) Successful completion of at least thirteen (13) hours of crisis response training demonstrating core competency.

      (3) An applicant currently licensed or certified in a professional field, but no longer actively employed in an emergency service or other professional field, may apply for team membership if all other team membership eligibility requirements are met.


      Section 3. Applying for Team Membership. (1) An applicant seeking membership on the crisis response team shall:

      (a) Complete and submit the form "Application for Team Membership" which shall document that the application meets the eligibility requirements described in Section 2 of this administrative regulation; and

      (b) Complete and submit the Kentucky State Police form, "Request for Felony Conviction Record".

      (2) The applicant shall submit the forms to the Kentucky Community Crisis Board.


      Section 4. Modification and Renewal of Team Membership. (1) A team member seeking to modify membership status shall:

      (a) If requesting extended membership, comply with 106 KAR 5:020, Section 4;

      (b) If unable to complete a term of membership, submit a written resignation to the executive director; or

      (c) If requesting a temporary suspension of active team membership, submit a written request to the executive director.

      (2) If modification is due to a reason stated in subsection 1(b) or (c) of this section, the member shall return to the executive director:

      (a) The KCCRT identification badge;

      (b) KCCRT uniform apparel; and

      (c) KCCRT readiness equipment.


      Section 5. Incorporation by Reference. (1) The following material is incorporated by reference:

      (a) "KCCRT Team Membership Agreement", 05/2007;

      (b) "Application for Team Membership", 05/2007; and

      (c) "Request For Felony Conviction Record", 01/2007.

      (2) This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the offices of the Kentucky Community Crisis Board, Pine Hill Plaza, 1121 Louisville Road, Suite 2, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-6169, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This material may also be obtained at the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board's Internet Web site, http://www.kccrb.ky.gov/. (33 Ky.R. 3114, 3598; eff. 7-6-2007.)