101 KAR 2:020. Classification plan.


      RELATES TO: KRS 18A.005, 18A.030(2), 18A.032, 18A.110(1)(c), (7)

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 18A.030(2), 18A.110(1)(c), (7)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 18A.110(1)(c) and (7) requires the Secretary of Personnel to promulgate administrative regulations, which govern the classification plan for all positions in the classified service so that the same qualifications may reasonably be required for, and the same schedule of pay equitably applied to, all positions in the same job classification. This administrative regulation establishes the classification plan for classified service.


      Section 1. Interpretation of Class Specifications. (1) Class specifications shall describe and explain the job duties and responsibilities typically assigned to a position within a particular class.

      (2) Class specifications shall indicate the kinds of positions to be allocated to the various job classifications as determined by their characteristics and duties or responsibilities. Characteristics and duties or responsibilities of a class shall be general statements indicating the level of responsibility and discretion of positions in that job classification.

      (3) Examples of duties or responsibilities shall not be construed as:

      (a) Describing what the duties or responsibilities of an individual position shall be; or limiting the appointing authority's ability to temporarily take away from, add to, or otherwise alter the duties and responsibilities of an individual position.

      (4) The use of an individual expression or illustration describing the duties or responsibilities of a class shall not be regarded as excluding assignment of other duties or responsibilities not mentioned which are of similar kind or quality.

      (5) Minimum requirements shall be comprehensive statements of the minimum background as to education, experience and other qualifications which will be required in all cases as evidence of an appointee's ability to perform the work properly.

      (6) Position descriptions shall state, in detail, the duties and responsibilities assigned to an individual position. If the duties and responsibilities assigned to a position are to be changed in a material and permanent way, the supervisor making the recommendation shall timely submit to the appointing authority for the agency a position description, stating the duties and responsibilities to be assigned. If the appointing authority approves the material and permanent assignment of the duties and responsibilities, the new position description shall be forwarded to the secretary with the appointing authority’s recommendation for reclassification.


      Section 2. Official Copy of Class Specifications. (1) The Personnel Cabinet shall maintain a master set of all approved class specifications. These specifications shall constitute the official class specifications in the classification plan. The copies of the specification for each job classification shall indicate the date of adoption or the last revision of the specification.

      (2) The Personnel Cabinet shall provide each appointing authority with a set of class specifications. Class specifications shall be available for inspection by an employee or the public under reasonable conditions during business hours.


      Section 3. Title of Position and Classification. (1) The title of the job classification to which a position has been allocated shall be used to designate the position in all payrolls and other official records, documents, vouchers, and communications in connection with all personnel processes. For purposes of internal administration or for a purpose not involving the personnel processes, an office title, abbreviation, or code symbol may be used in lieu of the class title.

      (2) The Personnel Cabinet may change the title of a job classification to more accurately describe job functions that have been or may be assigned to a class. (13 Ky.R. 410; eff. 9-4-86; Am. 16 Ky.R. 568; 1575; eff. 1-9-90; 26 Ky.R. 90; 558; eff. 8-25-99.)