††††† 10 KAR 6:010. Duties of the Early Childhood Development Authority.


††††† RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 13B, 199.8996, 200.151, 200.700, 200.703, 200.705, 200.707, 200.709, 200.711


††††† NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 200.703(5) requires the Early Childhood Development Authority to promulgate administrative regulations to coordinate and improve early childhood development services, outcomes and policies; establish procedures that relate to its governance; designate services areas of the Commonwealth where the community early childhood councils may be established to identify and address the early childhood development needs of young children and their families for the communities that they serve; establish procedures for the monitoring of grants, services, and activities of the community early childhood councils and their governance; establish procedures for accountability and measurement of success of programs that receive funds from the authority; and establish standards for the payment of funds to a designated service provider and grantee of a community early childhood council. This administrative regulation establishes procedures for the governance of the Early Childhood Development Authority and procedures for disbursement of funds, in accordance with KRS 200.700(1), from the Early Childhood Development Fund to programs that support and promote early childhood development.


††††† Section 1. Definition. "Authority" means the Early Childhood Development Authority.


††††† Section 2. Duties of the Authority. The authority shall:

††††† (1) Fulfill the requirements of KRS 200.700 and 200.703;

††††† (2) Disburse funds, to the extent that funds are available, from the Early Childhood Development Fund established by KRS 200.151, to programs that support and promote early childhood development;

††††† (3) Consult with and request information from the following agencies for the purpose of monitoring services that improve, enhance, or promote early childhood development:

††††† (a) Cabinet for Families and Children;

††††† (b) Cabinet for Health Services;

††††† (c) Education, Arts, and Humanities Cabinet;

††††† (d) Finance and Administration Cabinet; and

††††† (e) Any other agency that contracts with the authority to provide services; and

††††† (4) Collect the following reports:

††††† (a) An annual report from the Cabinet for Families and Children pursuant to KRS 199.8996(2) and (3);

††††† (b) Ad hoc reports from the Early Childhood Business Council pursuant to KRS 200.709(4); and

††††† (c) Ad hoc reports from the Early Childhood Professional Development Council pursuant to KRS 200.711(3).


††††† Section 3. Governance. (1) Each meeting of the authority shall:

††††† (a) Be announced and open to the general public;

††††† (b) Be conducted according to Robertís Rules of Order; and

††††† (c) Meet pursuant to KRS 200.700(9).

††††† (2) A quorum:

††††† (a) Of seven (7) members at a meeting of the authority shall be required for the authority to take action; and

††††† (b) Shall exclude a representative who attends an authority meeting on behalf of a member.


††††† Section 4. Service Areas and Community Early Childhood Councils. (1) A service area required by KRS 200.703(5)(c) shall be no smaller than a county.

††††† (2) More than one (1) county may form a partnership for the purpose of creating a community early childhood council.

††††† (3) A community early childhood council shall be formed in accordance with KRS 200.707(1) to (3).


††††† Section 5. Eligibility Requirements for Receipt of Funding by a Community Early Childhood Council. (1) A community early childhood council that applies for funds disbursed by the authority shall submit a proposal that complies with KRS 200.707(5) and includes the following:

††††† (a) Service area assessment that describes the area's:

††††† 1. Existing resources; and

††††† 2. Child care service needs;

††††† (b) Project overview that describes how a council intends to address the needs of the area served by the council;

††††† (c) Work plan that identifies:

††††† 1. Each activity that contributes to successful implementation of the project overview;

††††† 2. Individual or group responsible for each activity; and

††††† 3. Timeframe for completion of each activity;

††††† (d) Budget and budget justification that demonstrates how the requested funds shall be used to support the proposal; and

††††† (e) Anticipated outcomes that may include:

††††† 1. Maintaining or increasing the number of licensed child care centers or certified family child care home providers that provide safe, stable, and nurturing learning environments for children who reside in a service area covered by the community early childhood council;

††††† 2. Maintaining or increasing the number of child care providers that promote healthy child development;

††††† 3. Providing support to families through partnerships with child care providers; and

††††† 4. Maintaining or increasing affordable child care options.

††††† (2) A review team established by the authority shall:

††††† (a) Prioritize each grant proposal; and

††††† (b) Recommend to the authority:

††††† 1. Which grant proposals shall be funded; and

††††† 2. The amount of each award.

††††† (3) The authority shall:

††††† (a) Make the final funding determination; or

††††† (b) Refer a grant proposal for further review during subsequent meetings.

††††† (4) A community early childhood council that receives funds from the Early Childhood Development Authority shall:

††††† (a) Comply with the reporting requirements specified in KRS 200.707(6);

††††† (b) Submit a roster of council members that includes:

††††† 1. The geographic area represented by each member;

††††† 2. Place of employment of each member; and

††††† 3. Each member's term limit on the council; and

††††† (c) Submit minutes of each council meeting to the authority.


††††† Section 6. Accountability. (1) The authority shall use the Management Accounting Reporting System for the purpose of measuring accountability and the success of a program that receives early childhood development funds.

††††† (2) The authority may take adverse action, as described in KRS 200.703(6), if a recipient of early childhood development funds fails to meet the authority's requirements for grant participation.

††††† (3) Appeal of an adverse action may be made to the authority in accordance with the procedures established in KRS Chapter 13B. (28 Ky.R. 718; 1104; eff. 10-17-2001.)