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Updated October 22, 2018


Matters pertaining to contracts; the Uniform Commercial Code; debtor-creditor relations; ownership and conveyance of property; private corporations and associations; competency proceedings; administration of trusts and estates of persons under disability; descent, wills, and administration of decedent's estates; domestic relations; support of dependents; statutory actions and limitations; eminent domain; arbitration; declaratory judgments; witnesses; evidence; legal notices; construction of statutes; civil procedure; the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, circuit courts, and district courts; family courts; jurisdiction, rules, terms, judges, commissioners, selections, districts, qualifications, compensation, and retirement; clerks of courts; juries; attorneys; receivers; court reporters; habeas corpus; crimes and punishments; criminal procedure; probation and parole; correctional facilities; civil rights; and juvenile matters.

Interim Joint Committee Information

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