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Budget Instructions

Agency Budget Requests

In compliance with LRC budget preparation guidelines, agency budget requests are organized and summarized according to two levels of budget information - Current Services and Additional Funding budget levels.

  • Current Services requests

support, within defined calculation guidelines,

1. projected funding for existing operations and
2. services and mandated activities on a recurring expenditure base.

Current Services represent what is called "continuation" funding.

  • Additional Funding requests

deal with agency proposals to fund

1. new or expanded services and
2. recurring operations which cannot be accommodated within the Current Services calculation guidelines, including requests to substitute General Fund moneys for anticipated reductions in federal or restricted resources.

Agencies are not limited in what or how much may be requested.

Historical fiscal data on two of the most recent fiscal years, the current year revised budget and the request for the next two fiscal years are displayed in budget records and documents.

Budget Planning Report

baseline five year economic projections;
preliminary revenue planning estimates for budget unit requests.

Revenue Forecasts

Branch Recommendations


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