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Final Budget Memorandum

As Authorized by
2006 Regular Session HJR 93

June 8, 2006

The Legislative Research Commission (LRC) has approved the issuance of the Fiscal Biennium 2006-08 Commonwealth Budget - Final Budget Memorandum relating to the enacted budget bill (HB 380) and budget resolution (HJR 93).  HB 557 enacted by the 2006 General Assembly also contained appropriations for the Executive Branch or modified appropriations in HB 380.  These bills are provided below in Microsoft Word 97 (.doc) format.  To display them, Word 97 or a word viewer is required.  To download a Word Viewer, please click here.

The Budget Memorandum is provided below in volumes. Volumes are 160 to 350 pages each (750 kb to 1.2 mb), and in .pdf format. They require an Acrobat PDF Reader to display - to download the reader, please click here.

  • Final Budget Memorandum (pdf format)

    Contents - 2006-08 Commonwealth Budget sections
    Volume I - Commonwealth Summary, State/Executive Summary, General and Special Parts and Sections
    Volume Ia - Coal Severance Tax Projects, Infrastructure for Economic Development Fund for Coal Counties, Infrastructure for Economic Development Fund for Non-Coal Counties, Community Development Projects
    Volume II - General Government
    Volume III - Commerce, Economic Development, Department of Education, Education
    Volume IV - Environmental & Public Protection, Finance & Administration, Health & Family Services
    Volume V - Justice and Public Safety, Personnel, Postsecondary Education, Transportation
    Volume VI - 2006-2008 Biennial Highway Construction Plan
    Legislative - Legislative Branch Budget
    Judicial - Judicial Branch Budget

  • Budget Bills (htm/doc formats)

    HB 380 - State/Executive Budget
    HB 381 - Legislative Budget
    HB 382 - Judicial Budget
  • Budget Resolutions (htm/doc formats)

    HJR 93 - State/Executive Branch Memorandum
    HJR 94 - Legislative  Branch Memorandum
    HJR 95 - Judicial  Branch Memorandum

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