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Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 211

Includes enactments through the 2014 Regular Session

The KRS database was last updated on 05/22/2015

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Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Public and Private Water Supplies

On-site Sewage Disposal

Use of Toilet Facilities in Public or Semipublic Building

Kentucky Physicians Care Program

Dental Scholarships

Utilization Review

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Statewide Trauma Care Program

Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research

Breast Cancer Research and Education

Pediatric Cancer Research and Treatment

    Rape Crisis Centers

    Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program

    Services for Children and Youth

    Birth Surveillance Registry

    Pregnancy and Perinatal Care

    Review of Child Fatalities

    Home Visitation Services

    Diabetes Research



    Kidney Disease Institute

    Radiation Control

    Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioative Waste Compact

    Radiation Operators

    Lead Poisoning Prevention

    Lead-Hazard Detection and Abatement

    Radon Measurement, Mitigation, Laboratory Analysis, and Quality Control

    Confinement Facilities Health Act

    Emergency Medical Technicians

    Septic Tank Servicing


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