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Updated January 13, 2015

Committee Archives

Many of the documents listed below are in Microsoft Word 97 or Adobe PDF  format.  If you do not have MS Word 97 or higher you can download a free word viewer from Microsoft click here   For a free Adobe PDF  viewer click here

Next Meeting:    The February Government Contract Review Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10, 2015, upon adjournment of both chambers, in Room 149 of the Capitol Annex. 

Committee Jurisdiction: Pursuant to KRS 45A.690 to 45A.725, the committee shall review:
1) personal service contracts and price contracts whereby the contractor is to perform any professional service for a state agency; 2) memoranda of agreement, memoranda of understanding, program administration contracts, interlocal agreements to which the Commonwealth is a party, privatization contracts, or similar devices relating to services, between a state agency and any other governmental body or political subdivision of the Commonwealth that involves an exchange of resources or responsibilities to carry out a governmental function.  Specifically, the committee shall:

    Examine the stated need for the service; Examine whether the service could or should be performed by state personnel; Examine the amount and duration of the contract or agreement; and Examine the appropriateness of any exchange of resources or responsibilities.

Committee Policies:


*IMPORTANT CHANGES TO THE LAW GOVERNING INVOICING OF PERSONAL SERVICE CONTRACTS *  HB 387,  which passed during the 2010 Regular Session and became law upon the approval of the Governor on April 5, 2010, requires that no payment shall be made on any personal service contract unless the individual, firm, partnership, or corporation awarded the personal service contract submits its invoice for payment on a form established by the committee.  HB 387 amends KRS 45A.695.  At the August 10, 2010 Government Contract Review Committee meeting, the committee established a personal service contract invoice form.      

Personal Service Contract Invoice Form

Proof of Necessity (PON) Form:

Memorandum Regarding Registration of Foreign Corporations:

Monthly Agenda Items: The following documents contain the current agenda and listed contracts, agreements, and amendments before the committee for consideration at the next scheduled meeting.  This information is usually published during the week before the scheduled meeting each month, however all items may not be readily available. (In .pdf format)

  • Current Meeting Agenda
  • Personal Service Contract List
  • Personal Service Contract Amendments List
  • Personal Service Contracts for $10,000 and Under List
  • Memoranda of Agreement List
  • Memoranda of Agreement Amendment List
  • Memoranda of Agreement for $50,000 and Under List
  • Film Tax Incentive Agreement List
  • Film Tax Incentive Agreement Amendment List
  • Architectural/Engineering Price Contract List submitted by the Finance and Administration Cabinet authorized in December, 2014.


This section provides summaries of  contracts, agreements, and amendments that have been REVIEWED by the committee, or DEFERRED from a previous committee meeting. Prior to July 15, 1998, the committee was known as the Personal Service Contract Review Subcommittee.

Because of upgrades in office procedure, computer software, and programs, staff has combined several lists previously provided individually.  The current lists combine all personal service contracts and memoranda of agreement received both manually and through the Management Administrative and Reporting System (MARS).

Minutes, Agendas & Deferred Items

Personal Service Contracts Lists

  • Routine Personal Service Contracts after October 2004 - click here
  • Personal Service Contracts before October 2004 - click here

Memoranda of Agreement Lists

  • Memoranda of Agreements after October 2004 - click here
  • Memoranda of Agreements  before October 2004 - click here

Film Tax Incentives

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Division of Engineering - Architectural and Engineering Lists

  • In November, 2003, the Finance and Administration Cabinet was granted an exemption from routine review of Price Contracts for Architectural and Engineering Services.  The Cabinet submits monthly activity reports - click here

  • In May 2008, the Finance and Administration Cabinet, Division of Engineering presented a revised report of all Price Contracts for Architectural and Engineering Services since March 2006 - click here

  • Uncaptured Architectural and Engineering Personal Service Contracts from July 2006-March 2008 - click here

  • Uncaptured Architectural and Engineering Personal Service Contract Amendments from July 2006-March 2008 - click here

General questions or comments -

Government Contract Review Committee
Room 002, Capitol Annex
702 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
(502) 564-8100 ext. 756


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