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Capital Planning Advisory Board

 Updated October 23, 2017

Jurisdiction: The Capital Planning Advisory Board (CPAB), comprised of members representing all three branches of government, is to prepare a comprehensive statewide capital improvement plan and make funding recommendations to each branch head on state spending for capital projects. The statewide plan, prepared every two years, is based on plans submitted by all state agencies and post secondary institutions according to guidelines prescribed by the Board. CPAB operates pursuant to KRS Chapter 7A.

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Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Capital Planning System

This web-based application is used by all Kentucky state agencies to prepare and submit their six-year capital plans pursuant to KRS Chapter 7A. (Access to the system is available only to authorized users.)
Please contact CPAB staff for any problems or requests that you may have with the Capital Planning System. You may do this by either emailing or by calling Shawn Bowen 564-8100 (ext. 401) or Jennifer Luttrell (ext. 378) directly. Please do not contact the CPAB tech staff. Any request or change has to go through CPAB staff first. Thank you.

2018-2024 Capital Plan Instructions

Board Information

Many of the documents published here are in Adobe PDF format. You can download a free Adobe PDF viewer here

Capital Planning Advisory Board
Room 34, Capitol Annex
702 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
(502) 564-8100 ext. 401

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