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Employee photo Meet Will Lavender. When you hear a resolution read in the Kentucky Senate or House, chances are it was written by this bestselling author and LRC technical writer. The Whitley City native and father of two is the author of the 2009 fiction novel Obedience, a New York Times bestseller which has been optioned for film and is slated to be turned into a show on MTV. Its success led Will to write a second book, Dominance, published in 2011—but don’t expect the unassuming author to revel in his success. Will describes his novels as “an attempt to have fun.” And success? “I think all writers are surprised that anybody cares,” he says. Writing resolutions is how Will spends much of his time these days. Always modest, the seasoned writer says crafting the documents is a “humbling” experience. “I’ve learned so much about the history of Kentucky and the people who live here,” he said, adding, “… when you write about a war hero or a great teacher or a public official (you) realize that the most pivotal decisions in your day are a lot more menial.” Will lives in Louisville where he said he, his wife, and children spend their time “ferociously rooting for UK basketball and reading a lot.”