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Employee photo Meet Taylor Sullivan. As a legislative courier, he delivers more than correspondence to offices throughout the Capitol campus. He delivers his trademark positive attitude. “I like to help out – make people smile,” he said. “I always have a good vibe ... and everything.” Taylor views his job as doing anything that helps the legislative process run smoothly. That sometimes includes moving dollies stacked high with boxes between the Capitol and Annex. “You have a lot of requests during the session that is going to vary,” said Taylor, who has worked at the LRC for seven years. “We help make everybody else’s job simpler.” Outside of his LRC work, the 28-year-old Frankfort resident is a server at an upscale bar and restaurant in Midway. When he isn’t working, Taylor follows sports and bowls. He subs for the Rolling Roosters in a bowling league in Frankfort. He said the most important thing to include in his spotlight wasn’t a fact about him. It was “to give a shout to all the couriers in the Capitol and Annex.” And that’s trademark Taylor.