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Employee photo Meet Stefan Kasacavage. Even though his formal education may be complete, Kasacavage’s job as a Senior Legislative Committee Analyst for the Agriculture and Natural Resources staff continues to flex his mind and boost his knowledge base. “It can be really fun and exciting during the (legislative) session, working on the issues of the day. It’s pretty interesting work. You become an expert in a field,” he said. Accumulated knowledge from past legislative sessions is a positive, desirable attribute as well, Kasacavage said. In addition to a wide array of work pertaining to water quality, natural gas, air quality, solid waste management and other topics, Kasacavage has since been putting his foreign language skills to use by translating documents for legislators and staff as needed, he said. The Western Kentucky native and Lexington resident earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish language and literature from Transylvania University and a law degree from the University of Louisville. Before going to law school, Kasacavage taught Spanish to high school students for a year, he said. When he’s not working in Frankfort, Kasacavage spends time with his wife, an attorney at Valvoline LLC in Lexington, and their 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. They participate in soccer activities and the elder Kasacavage is teaching his daughter how to play the guitar. Kasacavage also enjoys grilling, cooking and creating homemade beer, he said.