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Stacy Jacobs enjoys a cup of coffee with her father, Junie Tillett, in the Capitol Annex Cafeteria.
Meet Stacy Jacobs. Some people say their coworkers are like family. For Jacobs, that’s not hyperbole. Jacobs’ LRC roots go much deeper than her 17 years as a legislative secretary at the Capitol. “I can remember coming to the Capitol to visit my mom, who worked here,” said Jacobs. “My orthodontist was just up the street, so after my appointment I would come up here, get some fruit from the snack bar and go to the print shop, just hang out. I can’t tell you how many LRC people I’ve known for years, even from before I started working here.” Her mother, Sally Tillett, retired from the LRC as a benefits administrator. Jacobs’ father, Virgil “Junie” Tillett, an IBM retiree, now works as a network administrator with the commission. He’s married to Debbie Tillett, who works in the business office. And of course, Jacobs’ son, Jordan, was once an LRC courier. “The LRC really is like a family affair for us,” says Jacobs. Having joined the LRC herself in 1999, starting out as secretary to one legislator then quickly becoming responsible for several others, Jacobs has been an integral part of the LRC family. Now serving six lawmakers, she still enjoys working with bills and watching them progress through the legislative process. She’s also become a bit of an office mom. With a love for baking, the masterpieces from her kitchen often occupy a corner of her desk for sampling. “I’ll have people stop just to see what I’ve made. You know, ‘You got anything chocolate?’ One lawmaker calls it his breakfast,” she laughs. Though baking and volunteering for the American Red Cross – she attends armed forces support events for the group — provide respite from work, Jacobs knows where her heart still is. “I love this place,” she says. “I don’t see myself going anywhere. The LRC is my home.”