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Employee photo Meet Sara Gibson-West.
Being a good listener is important in her line of work as a Constituent Analyst with LRC Constituent Services. Each day, communications with citizens referred to the office by state lawmakers require that analysts be skilled listeners, problem-solvers and researchers. Gibson-West said the work is “largely interdisciplinary. Most days, the scenarios that come up when dealing with constituents feel like a giant riddle!” Gibson-West honed her people and research skills as a Victim Advocate with both the Center for Women and Families in Louisville and the Office of the Attorney General before beginning her current position nearly seven years ago. “I have spent my entire career speaking to citizens of the Commonwealth about the law,” she said, adding that working with the public is what she enjoys most about being a Constituent Analyst. “The gratitude and appreciation from the public – that we took the time to thoroughly research their concern and provide a response – is a great by-product,” Gibson-West said. When she’s not helping folks through her work at the LRC, Gibson-West enjoys spending time with her family, reading, walking and traveling. She and her husband just recently returned from a 10th wedding anniversary trip to Iceland, Ireland and the Netherlands.