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Employee photo Meet Ryan Shryock. He’s one of the people to thank for the printed bills and other materials that help make the legislative process flow, as well as the informational pamphlets and educational publications that inform people across Kentucky about legislative issues. As a Digital Press Operator in the LRC’s Print Shop, Shryock gets satisfaction out of working behind the scenes. “We don’t work directly with legislators, but we do a lot for them,” he said. The Print Shop’s duties go well beyond making copies. Workers there produce books, journals, pamphlets, business cards, pads, bulletins – even a coloring book that teaches kids about the legislative process – and any other printed product needed to support the General Assembly and its administrative staff. Shryock joined the LRC’s Courier staff almost 21 years ago. After a couple years as a Courier and a few more on the agency’s Inventory Control staff, he joined the Print Shop in time to see a wave of technological advances that have made printing operations more swift and efficient. Outside of work, Shryock stays busy. He runs a lawn care and landscaping business and is an avid University of Kentucky sports fan. He also enjoys travelling and is making plans for his third trip to Europe. He’s also recognized by his coworkers for his excellence in cornhole competitions. Shryock and a teammate have remained undefeated during lively competitions at LRC picnics in recent years.