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Employee photo Meet Nicole Caudle. When Kentuckians send letters to state legislators in Frankfort, Caudle is usually the person who delivers the mail on the last leg of its journey. As LRC’s Postal Technician, Caudle makes rounds to offices throughout the Capitol Campus twice a day, delivering letters to lawmakers and legislative staff members with a smile and picking up outgoing mail. Caudle joined LRC as a courier during a legislative session five years ago and accepted the chance to stay with the agency after the session ended. In late 2016, she transferred to her current position. She handles both U.S. Postal Service mail as well as mail delivered between state offices using a messenger mail system, tasks that often help her rack up more than 15,000 steps a day on her pedometer. The best part of her job is getting to see so many familiar faces each day, she said. “I enjoy being in and out of all the offices, from the Senate President’s office to the print shop. I like being around all different people.” Outside of work, Caudle enjoys spending time on Kentucky’s waterways. She and her husband have a speedboat, her mother owns a pontoon, her brother has a boat, and some of her cousins do too. Her favorite spot is on Green River, which she favors for its quiet and peaceful nature.