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Employee photo Meet Mark Mitchell. He isn’t really one to blow his own horn—unless it’s the tenor trombone he plays in the Central Kentucky Concert Band. Or the occasional kazoo, as fondly remembered by those who knew Mitchell as the maestro of a kazoo band that formed for LRC holiday receptions in years past. But his 25-year career at LRC is worth piping up about. The Georgetown College and Murray State graduate started working with the agency as a proofreader in the Statute Reviser’s Office, eventually moving on to become an analyst with the Local Government Committee where Mitchell has served as Committee Staff Administrator since 2007. “In addition to committee work, I also review the forms the bill drafters fill out when completing a bill, review the bill, and route local mandates for mandate preparation if it appears there is a mandate associated with the bill,” he said. Music occupies much of his spare time, either on the trombone or learning the piano (“I’m really not very good,” Mitchell says of his piano skills. “My teacher is ready for canonization as a saint.”) He has also been known to dabble in acting and has done some traveling, including trips to the United Kingdom when he was in school and to Turkey in 1996. “I’d really like to go to Africa next,” he says.