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Employee photo Meet Linda Egbert. As the Kentucky General Assembly kicks into high gear, she plays a key role in letting legislators know where constituents stand on the issues confronting Kentucky. This is the 20th year Egbert has worked as a message line operator in the Legislative Research Commission’s Message Center, which has been described as a link between legislators and constituents that gives Kentuckians a convenient way to make their voices heard. “We establish rapport with them. A lot of them are frequent callers. They appreciate us being here live instead of a recording,” she said. In addition to taking down messages about the issues lawmakers are considering, operators ask callers for their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses so that lawmakers will know how to get in touch with them. “We have some lulls, but when they’re in session, we get really, really busy,” Egbert said. The volume of calls fluctuates, sometimes burgeoning to more than 200 calls a day for each operator. Employment for Egbert has been multi-faceted. Besides working for the LRC, she has dabbled in real estate and worked for Wilson Nurseries in Frankfort and Keeneland in Lexington. She worked for 32 years in state government. Egbert is an avid reader, an ardent Googler and a buyer and seller of antique and vintage items. She is passionate about traveling and loved seeing the people and sights of Peru, she said.