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Meet Leslie Smith, who keeps track of more than 25,000 items in the LRC’s Peggy King Legislative Reference Library’s collection. As a Legislative Librarian, Leslie made the right career choice on her first try. This is the only place she has ever worked, starting in the '80s when she was a high school student and continuing as a summer worker during college. Leslie helped the library move in the early '90s from a cramped hallway in the Capitol to its current spot in the Capitol Annex. Her favorite research requests come from people seeking info on ancestors who served in the General Assembly. She also enjoys informing people looking for info on “funny laws” that, no, it’s not true that Kentucky has a law against carrying an ice cream cone inside a pocket. A mother to a 17-year-old son, Leslie’s favorite place is Disney World. She has been there three times and is always eager to give insider tips to those planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom.