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Employee photo Meet Krystal Albers. It was the late Anita Muckelroy who offered her not only encouragement, but an opportunity to work as a Legislative Assistant for the Legislative Research Commission. “She took a chance on me,” Albers said. Although Muckelroy, who was the Assistant Director for Legislator Support Services, passed away in February, Albers said she aspires to carry on the “can do attitude” of her late boss. Albers began working for the LRC in December 2014. “It’s very fast-paced and I like it,” Albers said. "During the down time, we use it to tweak or process things and get ready for next year.” Organization is key for Albers, who said all the jobs she has had involved customer service. “This place is really like a family,” Albers said. “Each year I gain new friends. I’m a relational person. I enjoy fostering relationships.” Diverse activities appeal to Albers professionally and on a personal level. While the recent legislative session was ongoing, Albers was also taking online courses to pursue her associate’s degree in office systems technology. Additionally, she is a mother to four children, ages 11, 13, 14 and 15. Creativity is also a must for Albers, who said she has been artsy and entrepreneurial since she was very young. Outside work activities, Albers said spending time with her children is paramount. “I try to travel to make memories with them on spring break and vacations,” she said.