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Employee photo Meet Kristie Powe. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she helps folks through her endeavors as a Constituent Services Administrative Assistant for LRC. “My mom worked in public advocacy for years and was an ombudsman,” she said. Likewise, her father works to improve the lives of others via community organizations. Powe said she often works directly with legislators, answers calls and handles letters earmarked for constituents. “We’ve seen everything come through here,” the Frankfort resident said. Powe and six analysts in the LRC Constituent Services Office manage constituent services topics varying from Medicaid and Medicare to planning and zoning. “We get a lot of grateful constituents. A lot of times, people just want to be heard,” she explained. Powe and her coworkers’ services remain in demand at all times, not only during the General Assembly’s sessions. “We are steady throughout the whole year,” she said. Powe is no stranger to customer concerns, as she was in management for AT&T. She is also known as “Lady K” at a local radio station where she is a DJ. “We play music from the 50s, 60s and 70s,” she said. In her spare time, Powe spends time with her toy poodle, Manny.