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Employee photo Meet Karen Timmel-Hatzell. Though she was a veteran prosecutor before joining the LRC, Timmel-Hatzell says her current job draws on her resolution-finding skills more than her prosecutorial abilities. As the division director of investigations for the LRC’s Office of Education Accountability, she oversees a five-person staff that looks into complaints about schools and works to make sure they are in compliance with the Kentucky Education Reform Act. “It sounded like something different and fun, rather than working with criminal defendants,” she said of leaving the prosecutorial world in 2005 to join the LRC. “We deal with all 173 school districts, working to resolve their problems. It’s not prosecutorial, it’s resolution-based. I always relate it to the telephone game. Everyone starts off with the same message, but by the time it gets back around, it’s not the same. We get everyone back on the same page.” When she’s not helping schools get on the right track, Timmel-Hatzell enjoys time with her husband, Mike, and her family, including two stepchildren, five children, a favorite niece and a great-grandchild. But if it’s the weekend, you’ll probably find her holding court at the tasting room of the winery she and her husband opened south of Louisville in 2005. It was her husband’s dream, especially when he found out what retirement held. “After I beat him in golf two weeks in a row, he decided he couldn’t face retirement just playing golf every day,” Timmel-Hatzell laughed. “So, he had this idea: Open a winery. He loves it, but I love it, too. You get to meet so many new, interesting people.”