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Employee photo Meet Kale Nickens. As a Digital Press Operator, the 33-year-old Frankfort resident works in the LRC Print Shop, located in the Capitol basement. The shop is responsible for printing such items as bills, reports, educational pamphlets, business cards and even coloring books that teach kids about the legislative process. Kale started at the LRC 11 years ago as a courier. Since then he has witnessed a wave of technological advances that have transformed the printing process. But he still prefers the tactile feel of paper. That’s reflected in one of his hobbies. He designs and builds puppets and props for productions and themed parties. Kale builds many of the props – including replicas of robots – with discarded parts and packaging he has rummaged from around the area. Recently, he was working on a storyboard-like collection of drawings depicting science fiction-themed food booths, games and barkers for a surreal-looking carnival midway. In addition, Kale is a singer and songwriter for the Americana band, Triceratops Jackson. The name was inspired by his former pet, a Jackson’s chameleon. Kale’s wife, Betsy Nickens, also works at the LRC. And the couple has three children, ages 3, 9 and 12.