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Employee photo Meet Julia Wang, who says her natural curiosity compliments her job as a research analyst for the Capital Planning Advisory Board and Capital Projects and Bond Oversight committees. She assists the two committees on everything from creating a comprehensive statewide capital improvements plan to overseeing money spent on capital projects and the bonds issued to pay for those projects. The native of Taiwan came to the United States in 1985 to attend Ohio State University. She improved her English by watching “Murder, She Wrote.” Julia made her way to the Bluegrass state in 1991 to continue her education at the University of Kentucky. She started at the LRC in April of this year but this isn’t her first time being around lawmakers. Julia’s father was a longtime legislator in Taiwan. Outside of the LRC you will likely find Julia in one of the six dance classes she takes per week. She lives in Lexington with her youngest son. The next time you pass her in the hallways of the annex ask to see the pictures of her backyard garden oasis.