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Meet Jonathan Philpot. He’s known in the State Capitol as an LRC Committee Analyst and on youth sports fields throughout Frankfort as “Coach.” In all roles, he provides service to others. “I’ve always been into public service,” said Jonathan, who joined the LRC two years ago as a Constituent Services Analyst and became an Analyst for the Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection Office last year. “I believe in government and citizen participation in it.  To me that’s one of the best parts of my job -- seeing how citizens contact legislators and how they respond and make the wheels of government turn.” Jonathan’s favorite part of coaching soccer, football, basketball and baseball in the evenings is helping kids exceed their own expectations. He has coached 23 youth sports teams that his and his wife Casey’s seven-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son have played on. Jonathan’s analytical mind came in handy last year when he taught himself how to build a quadcopter drone using 3D-printed parts. His unique way of looking at things also helped him pursue stand-up comedy several years ago. He performed on a few open-mic stages before landing a 5-minute professional gig at a Louisville comedy club. Though he hasn’t performed recently, he keeps a notebook nearby and adds material about family life and topical matters so he will be ready the next time he feels the pull of the comedy spotlight.