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Employee photo Meet Joel Redding. He’s equally at home running lines of computer code as he is running through song lyrics or… well… just running. Redding, a 20-year LRC veteran, serves as the deputy chief information officer. In that role, he’s the LRC’s webmaster and was an integral part of the agency’ recent technological upgrade project to the House and Senate chambers. The high quality of his work was recognized when he was recently announced as the 2016 recipient of the National Association of Legislative Information Technology’s Legislative Staff Achievement Award. When Joel isn’t sequestered away tapping out computer commands, he can be found in other very different pursuits. Redding is also the worship leader at his church, North Benson Baptist Church, and lead singer of the church’s praise team, a band by the name of Crosswalk. “One brother plays drums, another brother is on guitar. My daughter plays the keyboard. It really is a lot of fun,” said Redding, who teamed with one brother to write more than 10 original songs for the band. When he’s not at the microphone, Redding is usually hitting another road. “About five years after I started at the LRC, some guys were talking about running and I thought it would be cool to work up to running 5Ks,” he said. He now runs 3-5 miles a day, has run two full marathons and a dozen half-marathons. He even once thought about running the equivalent distance from his home to California in a year’s time, about 1,800 miles. Eleven months later, he’d covered that goal. “As it ended up, I got there with about a month to go, so I decided to just keep going. I ended up running about 2,400 miles that year,” said Redding. “Running’s my stress reliever. It’s a great time to think. I’ve solved a lot of LRC problems while running. Written a couple of songs, too!”