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Employee photo Meet Jessica Sharpe.
While having worked in all three branches of government, she has found that the legislative branch is a particularly good fit. “I think it’s a privilege to be here,” she said of her work as a Legislative Committee Analyst on LRC’s Banking and Insurance staff. “To be in a position drafting legislation for legislators and hopefully accomplishing their vision -- that’s what makes me excited to be here.” Prior to joining LRC’s staff almost two years ago, Sharpe served as General Counsel for the Kentucky Department for Financial Institutions. Her background also includes law clerk stints for two Kentucky Supreme Court justices and a Court of Appeals judge. In her current role, Sharpe said she enjoys making complicated subject matters, such as banking laws, more accessible by drafting legislation upon lawmakers’ requests that is clear and coherent so that anyone can read it. “It’s very technical and nichey. A lot of people are intimidated by the subject matter,” she said. “I built my career around making these matters more accessible and clear. It’s something I enjoy.” In addition to her work as an analyst, Sharpe also serves LRC as an Assistant General Counsel, which gives her additional chances to use her legal research and writing skills. “I love it,” she said of her dual roles. “It’s the best of both worlds.” Outside of work, Sharpe likes travelling with her two teenage daughters, whom she took on a one-week trip to Washington D.C. last summer. She also enjoys healthy cooking, particularly when it comes to making salads and finding tasty ways to sneak more veggies into her family’s meals.