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Employee photo Meet Jennifer Wood.
She’s among the first LRC staff members that newly elected state lawmakers meet when they report for work at the State Capitol. As a Human Resources Specialist in the General Assembly Business Office, Wood receives information from lawmakers and makes sure all paperwork is in order for them to be “on the books” as state workers. After 10 years with LRC, Wood says she still has a sense of awe about working in the State Capitol. “The only time I had been in the Capitol before working here was for the job interview,” she said. “Ten years later you can still walk in each day and find that it’s cool to say you work in the Capitol.” With a background in accounting, Wood’s eye for accuracy and precision makes her well-suited for ensuring that forms dealing with payroll, insurance and other human resources matters are in order. “I like that it’s not the same thing every day,” she said. “There’s always something different.” Outside of work, Wood enjoys time with her family. “They are my world,” she said. She and her husband have a son in high school who excels at baseball and a daughter who’s heading to college to pursue a nursing degree.