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Employee photo Meet Jennifer Noran. She has made her mark on the LRC through her graphic design work over the past 15 years. Noran’s creative work runs the gamut of brochures and reports to the rustic-edged “SLC Lexington” logo that she created for the 2016 Southern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting this year. “As soon as I was old enough to pick up a crayon and create, I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life,” said Noran, who received her training at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. She is also the artist behind LRC’s “How the Beagle Became the State Dog” fictional coloring book that explains how a bill becomes law to youngsters. The project fit well with Noran’s love for animals which is evident in her work as a volunteer educator and designer at Frankfort’s Salato Center where she and her husband B.W. Cleary were married. When she’s not working or volunteering at Salato, Noran is still creating—sculpting, gardening, sewing, and creating costumes for cosplay events including renaissance fairs, the Steampunk Symposium, Lexington Comic and Toy Convention and the Mermaid and Pirate Ball at Newport Aquarium. She also likes to travel and spend time with friends, family, and her three cats. Plus, “I also enjoy naps and drinking a really good cup of coffee,” Noran says.