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Employee photo Meet James Baggett. Few people can provide information about bills moving through the legislative process with the precision he can. That’s because Baggett is the helpful man behind the counter in a basement room of the State Capitol who can give you an official copy of any bill, amendment, or resolution under consideration by the Kentucky General Assembly. Baggett has been with the Legislative Research Commission for 11 years, joining the agency as a temporary worker for the 2006 legislative session before being brought on board as an official staff member after the session ended. He said he enjoys being a link between the public and the legislative process. Many people who ask him for copies of bills often have follow-up question, such as how to get in touch with their legislators—information Baggett is happy to provide. He also fields many phone calls from people looking for legislation on the Web, and helpfully walks them through the steps to find bills in the online Legislative Record. “There’s a lot of educating involved in the job,” said Baggett. “Some people look at the legislative process as a complex thing that they don’t understand. I like helping them find the ‘a-ha’ moment where they understand, ‘So that’s where the bill is in the process and this is what I should do next.’” Baggett is a father of three who, when he finds spare time, enjoys building computers and reading. He recently turned 38 and has set a goal to read 250 more books by the time he reaches 40.