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Photo courtesy of Kyle Koeberlein.
Meet Hanley Loller of the LRC’s Office of Computer and Information Technology. He writes some of the computer applications that helps the LRC serve 138 legislators and their constituents. Among the applications he has written is the nationally recognized Constituents Services caseload management and tracking system. It helps legislators address up to 4,000 constituent service cases – many of them on complex matters – each year. While Hanley’s talent at a keyboard has touched thousands, he may be more at home sitting in a kayak. Before coming to the LRC 11 years ago, he was a whitewater videographer for nearly a decade and a half. “That is a great lifestyle for someone who is young, single and healthy,” Hanley said, “but when you are getting a little older and you start thinking you might want to settle down and raise a family … you really need something that pays a little better.” So, in his 30s, Hanley went back to school and got a degree in computer science from East Tennessee State. The married father of one stepdaughter still hasn’t lost his love of the outdoors. Hanley is deeply involved in the Bluegrass Wildwater Association, which is the Lexington-area paddling club. He is a past president and currently teaches kayaking for the 350-member club.