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Employee photo Meet Eric Kennedy. As a Legislative Analyst with the Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Kennedy has never really craved attention much. But he got it —in spades— recently when he was called to the House of Representative so a legislator could publically recognize his expertise on a complex piece of legislation. Kennedy appreciated the gesture but was admittedly torn. “It’s not something we really do, as analysts. We like to be behind the scenes,” said Kennedy, a seven-year LRC veteran. A former intern with the LRC, Kennedy graduated from the University of Louisville and the Chase Law School at Northern Kentucky University. He returned to Frankfort in 2009, the day after taking the bar exam, to rejoin the LRC as an analyst, a job that he still enjoys. “I kind of learned on the job, but I learned from the best. Drafting bills and statutes, there’s an art to it. More so for the tax legislation and appropriation bills that come to our committee. There’s a science to it, but a lot of art, too.” The practice of his art is satisfying, like when he has a chance to clean up an existing statute making it more clear or concise, he said. So is helping a member of the public understand a piece of legislation. Nothing compares, however, to his greatest thrill: Spending time with the 3-year-old daughter that Kennedy and his husband recently adopted. “She just smiles and laughs all the time,” Kennedy said. “She’s so affectionate, and is just always talking and giggling. We’ve got our hands full.”