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Employee photo Meet Emily Caudill. Formatting 7,000 pages of state regulations by hand requires attention to detail that LRC Administrative Regulations Compiler Emily Caudill began to perfect in grade-school grammar class. “Every English teacher from fourth grade through high school said that year was the last year we would be taught any grammar, so he or she was going to make sure we really understood it,” said Caudill. It was her meticulous nature that eventually led Caudill to the Kentucky Historical Society, where she wrote historical highway markers and worked as a librarian before coming to LRC 15 years ago as the administrative assistant to the Administrative Regulations Compiler on the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee. She eventually advanced to the position of Administrative Regulations Compiler and has been in that position for over eight years. Caudill said her subcommittee stays busy all year, especially between June and November when regulations are drafted based on newly effective legislation. “We also publish every Kentucky regulation in effect as of June 15 every year. Thanks to LRC’s OCIT Section, pulling these volumes together doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to,” she said. When Caudill is not at work, she said she enjoys scrapbooking, genealogy, photography, playing the viola, and spending time with her two teenage daughters and the family pets, including a 19-year-old cat named Monkey, a cat named Ann, and her daughters’ four rats – Cannoli, Guava, Honey, and Puddin’.