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Employee photo Meet Elise York. She’s been to the Great Wall of China, stood atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and swam with dolphins. She’s been skydiving, zip-lining and has explored caves in Belize. Played trumpet in a ska band, too. York is quite an adventurer, but her job as a Constituent Services Analyst for the LRC is still one of the most fulfilling parts of her life. “It’s really rewarding because we help people who are at their wit’s end. We’re their last recourse,” says the 12-year LRC veteran. “We get to impact people’s lives in a positive way.” Whether it’s navigating red tape to get a young Flemingsburg woman a life-saving double lung transplant – as she did last year – or helping another woman get into a subsidized housing program, York relishes her role as a professional do-gooder. Since 2008, York has spoken to 4,789 people from across the Commonwealth, helping those who have had their power turned off or people who need a ramp built for the disabled, the lung transplant recipient or the older woman that finally got her own apartment. Like all LRC Constituent Services cases, York’s assignments begin when a lawmaker refers a matter in which a constituent needs help to her office. “I wouldn’t be happy at a job where I didn’t have that kind of impact or see the outcomes we see,” York says, glancing at a hand-written thank you note above her desk. “It’s a pleasure assisting citizens, learning something new each day, and coming to work with a wonderful team of coworkers.”