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Employee photo Meet Edwin Shouse, a legislative secretary in Senate offices. His toothy smile, swept up coiffure and bright-colored shirts hint at the exuberance the 33-year-old brings to his job. Edwin said the biggest surprise during his six months at the LRC was how congested his office suite, shared by the chairmen of three powerful Senate committees, got during the session. “Every day I would come in and say, ‘OK, let’s get it on,’” he said with a single pump of his fist as if he was a coach motivating his team before the big game. “To me, that was exciting.” His passion for the political process rivals that of Wildcat fans. “I just hold down the fort. I make sure everything runs smoothly around here so they can just focus on their legislative duties,” Edwin said. Being in the center of action comes naturally to Edwin. He was the lead singer of a local metal band until the group broke when he was 22. He cut his long hair and went to work for Stewart Home & School in Frankfort for 13 years prior to the LRC. He now enjoys nature hikes with his wife and studying. He has gone back to school where he is holding down a 4.0 GPA while studying business.