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Employee photo Meet Chip Smith. Mix a law degree, improvisation, a stint teaching special education students, writing skills and a free spirit, and it’s a recipe for his well-rounded life. This legislative analyst is part of the Legislative Research Commission’s Economic Development and Tourism staff. “We help draft the legislation,” Smith said. “We’re here for the legislators when they have ideas.” A graduate of Georgetown College with a double major in communications and psychology, Smith went on to law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Smith’s career experience includes positions as a copyright attorney and attorney with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. However, his life hasn’t always been so seemingly serious. “I packed up my Mustang with my guitar and my 10-speed (bike). I drove across the country,” he said, of his time in California. Smith said he has fond memories of his days with The Groundlings Theatre and School in Los Angeles. “It’s an improv troupe. It was fun,” he said. “You go back and forth until you build a story.” Today, Smith likes to keep busy by using his law degree and writing prowess. He said he enjoyed the energy of the recent, sometimes very hectic legislative session.