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Employee photo Meet Betsy Nickens. She helps state lawmakers pay tribute to school achievements, memorial services and other meaningful moments in people’s lives. As an LRC Citations Specialist, Nickens is part of the staff that writes legislative citations requested by members of the Kentucky General Assembly. The documents offer congratulations, commendations, and condolences to people across Kentucky. While the requests for citations seem to “never stop” during legislative sessions, Nickens finds satisfaction in the work. “It is rewarding when we receive gratitude for the things that we have written,” she said. A native of Frankfort and graduate of Western Kentucky University, Nickens was an elementary school art teacher before coming to the LRC as a committee assistant 10 years ago. Outside of LRC, Nickens puts her previous teaching experience into practice by teaching English to Chinese children through an online classroom. She and her husband, Kale Nickens, who works in the LRC’s print shop, have three children, ages 3, 9, and 11. Embroidery and pottery are among her hobbies. Whether through a work of art or a citation, it comes naturally to Nickens to use her creativity to complete any task at hand.