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Employee photo Meet Ben Payne. You might recognize him from the Kentucky State Fair where he coordinates the LRC information booth, but his job here in Frankfort is Senior Legislative Committee Analyst for Health, Welfare and Family Services. He juggles drafting up to 40 bills a year pertaining to human development, health and welfare to sanitation services, fire prevention, aging and funeral directors. “We have a really robust jurisdiction, so we do a lot of bill drafting,” Ben says of the committee. He took a job with the LRC 14 years ago after graduation from Western Kentucky University where he studied political science and communications. His first three years at the agency were spent in the LRC Director’s office where he worked in the bill tracking area and helped get the Legislative Record published. “I knew I wanted to work in institutional government,” he says of his career choice. For 11 days in August, however, he coordinates the agency’s fair booth. “That is a big passion of mine,” he says. “I love what the legislature does and how it allows for citizen involvement. That is why five years ago I pitched the idea to a former director to bring back the LRC state fair booth.” Each year the booth averages personal interactions with over 10,000 people who stop by to find out who their legislator is, talk with legislative staff members, and pick up copies of the Kentucky Constitution or other informational bulletins.